Meet The Girl Next Door with Free iPhone App

If you’re like me, you’ve tried online dating and are familiar with it’s downfalls.

First, there are tons of fake or old profiles. Secondly, the actual women that do put up real profiles (and are at least decent looking) get bombarded with emails from desperate dudes try to smother her. Third, it’s a lot of work – getting good photos, writing a witty profile, sending funny yet confident emails.

It often takes sending dozens of emails before getting a genuine interest…If only there was a way to skip all that. Just show me the photos and let me say Yes or No. From there we can talk and see if anything comes of it.

Tinder does exactly that.

TinderThis free iPhone/Android let’s you pull photos and your about section, from your Facebook profile, to create a Tinder profile. Next, set your location radius and desired age range and Tinder will find women nearby for you to potentially match with.

If you’re interested, anonymously check Yes, if not then No. The women will do the same for all the men they see. If there’s a mutual Yes, you’re matched with that person and can start messaging them.

Then it’s up to you to charm her into talking on the phone or meeting up.

While some people use it for hook ups, it can be used for relationships (a buddy of mine met his girlfriend on Tinder).

My experience so far – it’s more of a game than a real dating app. I suspect many women treat it that way and will see how many guys they can match with, even though they aren’t that interested in using the app to meet anyone.

Given it’s so easy to set up, and it’s addicting looking at who’s hot or not, it can definitely be a time waster.

Despite that, some women do go on here hoping to meet guys, and it can be very easy to setup a date. One girl I matched with, I said about 2 things then got her number, and we met up with later that night.

Meet the girl next door with free iphone appI usually say a very short hello and if she responds, I’ll chat a bit then ask for a number so we can “talk on the phone like normal people” or just say we should meet up for a drink.

The key is having good photos, being lighthearted and witty, and be quick to meet up or talk on the phone. Get off Tinder fast, since the momentum can drop quickly.

Women may ask for your Facebook profile, since its sort of a quickie background check. I noticed that most of these women also put up their Instagram username so there may be some use in following them and see if they follow back your photos (if you’ve got good ones).

I don’t use Instagram so I haven’t tried that yet but if you do, definitely let me know your experience with it.

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, go grab Tinder and start matching with women nearby…you may find yourself meeting interesting and cute women.

Written by Ryan Randolph

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