Meeting Women is NOT a Number’s Game – it’s an Energy Game

Meeting Women is an Energy Game

There’s a thought going around these days, especially in the pickup and seduction community, that basically says “Meeting women is a number’s game.  Not every woman will be attracted to you.  Just go out there and do it enough and eventually you will meet women that are attracted to you.”

While there is some truth to this, the basic premise is flawed.  

If you took a homeless guy from the street and had him approach women in his torn up clothes, smelling nasty, with a tweaked out demeanor, do you think it’s just a number’s game?  How many women would he have to approach to actually meet someone who felt attraction for him?

A lot.

In fact, the only chance he would really have in building sexual attraction would be with a similar homeless woman.

Meeting women is NEVER a number’s game – it’s ALWAYS an energy game.

This means the energy you are projecting from your mind and body out into the world determines what and who comes back to you.  You could also say that your “vibration” determines who will be attracted to you.

Yes, sometimes you have to meet several women before you find one you click with, yet the reason is not due to math, it’s due to the fact that you are still working out the kinks in your energy.

By energy, I mean your emotional state and your general feeling or vibration.  Emotions come and go, so these can change quickly, whereas feelings stick around longer and take a bit more work to change.

Someone who has been depressed for 6 months isn’t suddenly going to be cheerful, they have to work their feelings into a better place over time.

While our example of the homeless guy is pretty ridiculous, many guys go around trying to meet women yet they are energetically coming across like that homeless guy!  Except, instead of having torn clothes and smelling bad, they are projecting needy energy and seeing women as their key to sexual pleasure.

If you try to meet women with the wrong energy, you’re going to have to approach A LOT of women.

If you approach women with the energy of a confident, sexy, attractive man, then you won’t have to approach many women.  In fact, when you have the right energy, women approach YOU.

Yes, women will go out of their way to stand next to you, make eye contact with you, and find some excuse to talk to you.

Seriously, I’m not joking.

A while back, a few friends and I went to see a punk-raggae band play at a nearby bar on a Saturday night.  I was so excited to see this band, I ‘d been looking forward to it for a few weeks.  When we got in line, the bouncer checked our IDs and one of my friends had a passport instead of a driver’s license.  The bouncer said they couldn’t accept it.

I was so pissed.  We drove out to this place to see the band and we couldn’t get in because of some ID technicality.

We went to the bar next door and had a few beers, discussing what we would do next.  The bar was nearly empty except for two girls and a guy at the other end.

One friend turned to me and said “Hey why don’t you go talk to them, they look cute and open to talking.”  “No thanks,” I replied “I’m too pissed off about the band.”

Yet the more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason and figured I might as well let it go and have fun with my buddies.

Within a few minutes, one of the women walked over in her high heels, came over to our table of 5 guys and asked if we knew where some other bar was located.  We pointed across the street and said “Yeah, isn’t that place across the street.”  She talked with us for a few more moments then left.

“That was weird” I said.

The girl went back to her friends and occasionally glanced over at us.  It was pretty clear that this girl just came over to strike up a conversation with us and that was her move.  Reluctantly, I got up and walked over to her to continue to conversation.

After talking with her for a while, we ended up going to another bar where I spent the rest of the night dancing with her and her lesbian friend while they made-out as I freaked them both on the dance floor.  I got her number and we dated for a while afterwards.  I found out that she was a local and of course knew the area, she was just making up some excuse to talk to me.

While my energy did have some frustration about missing band, most of it was confidence in myself and an excitement for life because I had practiced those feelings in the days and week before going out…

That’s what I was projecting and that’s why a woman approached a table of 5 dudes drinking beer just to meet me.

Yes, you can waste many hours talking to women without getting any results, or you can shift your energy and be blown away by how easy it is to meet women.

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