10 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

One of the most crucial aspects of being a man is testosterone. It helps us build muscle, burn fat, and stay psychologically sharp.

In terms of success with women, testosterone helps us step up and be the man; keeping us alert to dangers, protective of her, and best of all, sexually attractive (and attracted) to her.

In recent years, more and more men are experiencing lower levels of testosterone. The medical community says this decline is “normal with age,” yet why is it affecting younger and younger men? Many conditions that medicine explains as “normal” are not normal at all but created by poor lifestyle choices and exposure to low quality environment and nutrition. Our day to day habits play a huge role in our hormonal health.

By integrating these 10 guidelines, you’ll be able to boost your testosterone levels, resulting in:

Increase Muscle Gain / Increased Fat Loss / Improved Sexual Performance
Increased Sex Drive / Sharper Mental Focus / Improved Intelligence


1) Get 8-9 Hours Sleep Each Night – Sleep is a huge part of our body’s health. We need to get 8-9 hours (at the very least 6 hours) of sleep a night, otherwise our T levels can drop very fast. Our sleep is even better when we get to bed by 10 or 11pm.

2) Take SuperMale – You may have heard about football player Ray Lewis getting in trouble for taking “Deer Antler.” Aside from the rumors and controversy, Deer Antler Velvet is a potent natural performance enhancer and testosterone booster. It’s made by harvesting the tips of a deer’s antler, where all the nutrients and hormones are, and condensing it into a powder (don’t worry the deer’s antler grows back).

It’s been used in China since 206 BC to treat impotence and a host of other ailments. SuperMale is a powerful supplement that combines Deer Antler with other synergistic herbs that assist in increasing muscle mass, building endurance, and speeding recover. Plus, improved sexual performance is a nice side effect.

I regularly take SuperMale and love the results – I’m more driven to work, get more out of my workouts, and have more fun flirting with women and getting sexual. Also, this supplement is made by an organic company and I’ve personally had it muscle tested with my body to confirm it was safe to take (Always test with your health practitioner to make sure it’s good for you as well).

SuperMale does NOT replace your body’s natural T production like all the hyped-up, synthetic supplements out there. Instead, it stimulates your body to increase its own testosterone…a crucial difference.

You can pick up SuperMale online at www.reviveyoursexdrive.com/supermale

Another good alternative to SuperMale is Tribulus (I actually rotate between the two). Visit www.GrassFedPro.com and search for Tribulus to find the potent and clean formula that I use.

3) Play Competitive Sports – Nothing gets your blood pumping better than a match with a good opponent. It gives you an excuse to train plus it tests your limits. Healthy competition drives you to perform better and keeps your mind fresh.

Boost Testosterone Naturally - Built For The Bedroom

4) Exercise in Short Intense Intervals While Avoiding Long, Low-Intensity Cardio – If you want to stimulate testosterone production in your body, get off the treadmill! If you like running, perform sprints instead. Sprints require short bursts of intense effort followed by rest (intervals).

Running, on the other hand, is longer and lower intensity which can cause your body to produce too much cortisol; leading to muscle loss and lower T levels. To stimulate a hormonal chance in your body, the intensity is key. Just do a google image search for sprinter and then for runner and look at the difference.

5) Lift Heavy Weights – Resistance Training with weights fits perfect with #4 since its short duration and intense workouts. Lifting heavy weights stimulates your body to release testosterone, plain and simple. If you’d like a good workout program tailored on maximizing hormonal change (Boosting T levels), check out Renegade Muscle Building Secrets at www.reviveyoursexdrive.com/musclegain


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Written by Ryan Randolph