Movie Review: Don Jon… Not Your Average “Porn” Flick

Does watching porn affect a guy’s sex life? How about his relationships?

By now you should be familiar with the negative effects of porn on a man’s confidence and actual brain chemistry.

The film Don Jon explores these exact questions and delivers surprisingly powerful insights into the otherwise “secret” aspect of most men’s lives.

Don (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a slick ladies man in New Jersey who sizes up women in clubs, picks the hottest one, and makes his moves – taking them back to his place to have sex.

Despite an abundance of beautiful women, he’s still hooked on porn for its pleasure-inducing effects that real women just don’t seem to provide.

He soon meets two women who each see porn completely differently, and each help him meet parts of himself that he could never face.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this film, if for nothing other than the fact that it shows a part of most men’s lives that no one talks about, yet does it with humor and insight.

Women are almost always surprised when I tell them nearly all men masturbate to porn or at least did at one point in their life. This movie shows Don’s spanking-it habits in a funny and entertaining way, plus we get to see how women around him react to it.

The gut-level response of most women who find out their lover watches porn is rage mixed with insecurity, “Aren’t I enough,” “Why do you need that when you have me.”

Most women don’t understand porn, yet the ones that do are sexually aware and approach men with compassion in this area, which helps a man’s sexual attraction toward her (as opposed to women who shame him which kills sexual attraction).

In this film, Don explores the reason for his porn habits and considers what sex could be without it, or more accurately, what it could be when he experiences a new way to fuck women (and at the same time allow himself to be fucked by them).

Overall, the acting is good, the characters are unique, and the story takes a surprising turn at the end; leaving me very impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s job acting, writing, and directing of this film.

Could it be that men don’t need to stop using porn…but simply outgrow it? Check out this movie and decide for yourself.




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