The Vitality Secret That Boosts Energy and Performance – Interview

In this 39-minute video interview you’ll learn how the environment can disrupt your hormones leading to a loss of testosterone resulting in reduced confidence and a tendency to be an overly “nice guy”.

Find out how to optimize your hormones to boost energy and sexual performance, and regain that sexual edge that attracts women.

Part 1: Could Being a “Wussy” Nice Guy be Caused by the Environment? How to Regain Our Drive and Live with Vitality

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Part 2: Common Mistakes Guys Make Regarding Nutrition and Lifestyle That Erode Confidence and What to Do Instead

Part 3: Where do Supplement Fit? Crucial Foods that Support Optimal Hormonal Balance (like Testosterone and Insulin) and How it Will Your Boost Energy Level

***Listen to the Remainder of this Interview inside the app**

The-Vitality-Secret-_5m_Visit the for detailed instructions on how to implement the Vitality Secret into your daily life or to contact Neil Cannon for coaching or questions.



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