Issue 01

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How to Become That Sexually Attractive, Badass Lover that Women Want to Throw on the Bed and…

By Ryan Randoplh

Sounds like a reasonable goal, doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t every man deserve to have a wild, fun, and thriving sex life? Don’t YOU deserve to have beautiful women throwing themselves on you?

Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort

By Ryan Randoplh

I learned to focus my mind, master my emotions, and build my body…so that success with women happens automatically.

How to Meet a Girl With No Chance of Rejection

By Cory Skyy

Learn how to be a ‘Badboy with a Heart’. It’s a guy that’s developed his sexual, spontaneous, wild side, yet at the same time, still has integrity, honesty, and a truly enjoys women.

If you Want Her Number… Master the Art of the Walk Away

By David Wygant

In order to grab the woman that you want, you need to learn the art of walking away. Most men will not walk away.

10 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

By Ryan Randolph

One of the most crucial aspects of being a man is testosterone. It helps us build muscle, burn fat, and stay psychologically sharp.

The Ultimate 1st Date Guide

By Mark Fox

Check out some first date tips and if you need some ideas of some fun things to do, you will find a short list of that as well.


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