Issue 02

In Issue 02…


Ultimate Sex Life Formula – Part 1

By Ryan Randolph

Clear old traumas, self-sabotage & anxiety relating to woman and sex.

You are meant to have a thriving sex life.
You are meant to have beautiful women in your life.
You are meant to be a confident, sexy, badass.

How To Take a Girl From a Group of Guys

By Cory Skyy

Wondering how to attract the women you want without saying a word? Let Cory Skyy show you!


Why You Should Hang Out Alone

By David Wygant

Nothing turns a woman off more than a bunch of testosterone-laden men
cruising the bars like a pack of hungry, drunk wolves searching for their next
kill on a Friday or Saturday night.


How to Optimize Human Growth Hormone Despite Eating Late

By Nate Miyaki

Optimizing your hormones is KEY to developing a powerful sexual presence and improving your sexual attractiveness.


Meet The Girl Next Door with Free iPhone App

By Ryan Randolph

Online dating simplified – reviewing a dating app.


7 Tips for Dating Younger Women

By Mark Fox

We are let to believe that we are supposed to date women that are the same age as us. Therefore, men, often times, feel guilty about dating younger women, when they have no reason to be.

Men’s Life Academy, Mark Fox, discusses dating younger women and offers 7 tips.


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