Issue 03

In Issue 03…


Ultimate Sex Life Formula – Part 2

By Ryan Randolph

Break up with porn.

It’s completely natural and healthy to sexually pleasure ourselves (In Taoist Philosophy it’s known as practice), yet adding porn to the mix is where the problem arises.

Find out why you should break up with porn and how!


How to Look Good Without Going Broke

By Cory Skyy

It’s not about the name brand, it’s all about the feeling, what looks right on you. When choosing your outfit, you wanna feel sexy. If you don’t feel sexy, nobody else is gonna perceive you sexy.

Top 7 Texting Mistakes Guys Make

By David Wygant

Texting is all about short conversations. However, texting can get ugly.


 6 Warrior Qualities Women Crave

By Adam Gilad

Focusing on the necessary and positive aspect of your inner Warrior.

This aspect of yourself is essential to hone in order to attract the best women into your life.


Enhance Her Orgasm with Secret G-Spot Technique

By Alex Allman

Wondering where the G-spot is and how to stimulate it? Alex Allman explains it in his video!


Movie Review: Don Jon…Not Your Average “Porn” Flick

By Ryan Randolph

Does watching porn affect a guy’s sex life? How about his relationships? The film Don Jon explores these exact questions and delivers surprisingly powerful insights into the otherwise “secret” aspect of most men’s lives.


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