Issue 04

In Issue 04…


Ultimate Sex Life Formula – Part 3

By Ryan Randolph

Install Beliefs & Sexual Experiences into Your Unconscious

Do you want a beautiful, fun sweet, caring girlfriend with whom you have great sexual chemistry?

Do you want to have a thriving social life where you are constantly meeting new women at parties, clubs, concerts, or wherever, and getting sexual very fast?

Maybe you’re into S&M or have some foot fetish…whatever, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is figuring out what kind of sex life you want to create..


Secret to Naturally Attracting Women

By Cory Skyy

 Want to know how to attract women naturally? Of course you do! Watch Cory’s video!


How To Sext Your Way Into Her Bed

By David Wygant

Sexting is dirty text messaging that gets the recipient all hot and bothered and aching to see you ASAP. Anyone can learn how to Sext but you need to know when it is right to start the Sexting.


Sex Positions To Make Your Penis Feel Bigger During Intercourse

By Alex Allman

Penis enlargement techniques from around the world, and what really works…


Are You a Guy Who Wants to Really Please Women in Bed?

By Adam Gilad

Do you want to be the kind of man who pleases them so much that YOU are
the man whose bed they want to come back to over and over again?


How to supercharge your manliness!

By Neil Anthony

Testosterone is crucial, not only to our health but also to our social interactions – especially when it comes to attracting beautiful women.


Sexual Art: Hysterical Literature

One of the crucial aspects of adopting the mindset of a man that genuinely enjoys women (and therefore attracts them easily and naturally) is a new view of female sexuality and especially orgasm.
Enter “Hysterical Literature”, a new video series by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt. It explores feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality.


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