Issue 05

Built For The Bedroom Issue 05

In Issue 05…


Ultimate Sex Life Formula – Part 4

By Ryan Randolph

Detox, Optimize, and Build Your Body for Sexual Vitality

Get a condensed breakdown of all the best secrets, strategies, and resources to supercharge your sexual health.


3 Nutrition Tips for Building Testosterone

By Alice Mackintosh

If we don’t look after ourselves properly, we can find that some of the more harmful types of testosterone increase a little too much.


The Secret Most Sex Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

By Paul Nelson

Most great lovers will tell you that the orgasm is not the important part. The journey is the reward. Unfettered, unrestrained play is what it’s all about.


How to Meet A Girl Everywhere You Go

By Cory Skyy

The attitude is what matters. Put in your mind that there is a girl for you everywhere you go.


3 Tips for Increasing Sexual Attraction

By Will Shannon

On breathing correctly in the bedroom, supplementing your body with herbs that support reproductive function and being fully mentally present with your partner in the bedroom.


Death by Phone – and How to Avoid It

By Adam Gilad

If you’re a guy over 40, you have double the dating pool. You can date your age or you can date younger. Here are some tips that will get you ahead – both online and off-line, and especially also with younger women.


The Real Reason You’re Circumcised

Ever wonder why we get circumcised? Is it weird to not be circumcised?…or vice versa?
Here’s a video that brings up some good points about the origins of this tradition in a funny way.


Issue 05 Built For The Bedroom

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