Issue 07

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Ultimate Sex Life Formula – Part 6

By Ryan Randolph

Transition to Sex Naturally

Sex is natural. It should be embraced and accepted.

Claim Her, Don’t Conquer Her

By Adam Gilad

Adam explains the difference between lovingly claiming a woman and carelessly “conquering” her, and which of those two you should do and how.


4 Tips to Sexual Intimacy

By Paul Nelson

A Clinical Sexuality Educator, Paul Nelson, gives you 4 straightforward tips to sexual intimacy.


Is Your Bedroom Built for Sex?

By Jason Nik

If your bedroom is not ready for sex, then you are not ready for sex. And if you are not ready for sex, then don’t expect her to want to have sex with you. Women want a man who knows what he wants in life. And if she comes home to a messy bedroom, then don’t be surprised if she leaves.


How To Last Longer in Bed

By Janet Hall

This article presents some facts about premature ejaculation, some common obstacles to overcoming it, as well as a step-by-step program to preventing it. It is accompanied by a video which talks about the things that do not work for curing premature ejaculation.


Gain Weight Fast- 5 Powerful Tips

by Jason Ferruggia

Let’s face it; nobody wants to be skinny and weak. Deep down everybody desires the ripped, muscular physique of a UFC fighter or an NFL running back.
But the question that perplexes many of you is “how do I get that look?”


How to Discover Your Life Purpose

By Leo Eliades

Our purpose can only be defined as the real reason we are here, the reason you and I exist. If you do not know your purpose, you could get to know this in less than 30 minutes.

Dating Etiquette: Who Should Pick Up The Bill?

By KP, Datelicious

One of the trickiest dating questions today relates to money. Who pays the bill. The man, the woman or both, and for how long? Once you’ve been dating for a while, you’ll agree what works for you as a couple, but in the early days it can be nerve-racking.


Top 3 Kissing Mistakes (And What To Do Instead)

By Alex Allman

How to kiss right… and how to avoid the mistakes of kissing the wrong way!

Kissing is one of the most sensual and enjoyable things that two humans can share. Learning how to kiss right can make your relationships more passionate, more sensual, and a lot more fun.

In this video, learn what men and women say is the “wrong way” to kiss, and then learn how to kiss right!


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