4 Tips on Intimacy

4 Tips on Intimacy - Built For The Bedroom

Tip 1:

Forget About Your Penis for a while – Your whole body is a sex organ. Spread the wealth. Don’t rely on one comparatively small (sorry) appendage to be the sole means of expressing your sexuality!


Tip 2:

Work on Your Sex Muscles – Most men have no idea that they have Pelvic Floor Muscles – let alone that they are your sex muscles. Take them to the Private Gym to keep them in shape. Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles support your penis, increase stamina, control ejaculation and intensify your orgasm.

Private Gym


Tip 3:

Let Her Be in Charge – There’s a reason they call it “performance anxiety”. Most guys feel they are responsible for sex and have to put on a show. Forget that! Let her be in charge during sex. Give her a chance to dominate you and she may become an unleashed force of nature.


Tip 4:

A Vagina is About Babies; a Clitoris is About Sex – That says it all! Yes, you are biologically wired to impregnate. Unless you’re trying to get pregnant, don’t pound on her vagina and expect her to love it. Focus on her clitoris, and she’ll be yours forever.


Written by Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson is a Clinical Sexuality Educator. He is the president of the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation, and the founder of FrankTalk.org, the largest online community for men’s sexual dysfunctions and maintains a private practice at theEDcoach.com.