Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort

For years, bars and clubs were a frustrating place for me – so many beautiful women yet they never seemed to want to talk to me, let alone go home with me. Other guys seemed to always have the luck… Why did they get the girl and not me? What did they have that I didn’t? They looked the same as me – actually, in many cases they looked like complete douchebags, dressing weird and were often rude and excessively domineering. Girls just like jerks…and I’m a nice guy. Life sucked. Time and time again, I would go to a bar, try to talk to girls and come home alone.

Fast forward to today…

Now I meet women and get numbers nearly every time I go out, and its not just at bars and clubs. I meet women at the mall, coffee shops, concerts, parties, the beach, hell – even the laundry room in my complex. Now, women often approach me, ask for my number, ask me out, and even initiate sex. Not every time, of course, but many times.

Did I learn the perfect pickup line? Did I practice the perfect routine? Did I buy expensive pheromones or enlarge my penis? F**k no. That is all waaaaay too much work.b4tb-issue001.7-page-001 b

I learned to focus my mind, master my emotions, and build my body…so that success with women happens automatically… and now you can do exactly the same. Attracting women is very simple, you just have to become attractive, and I’m not talking about suddenly becoming handsome like Brad Pitt or a rock star like Tommy Lee. Sure those qualities help, but that’s overkill.

The female psyche works much differently than the male psyche. For us, we love a slim waist, big boosts, and a nice butt. As men, we evolved to identify physical signs of fertility in a woman as attractive. This is our genes’ way of driving us toward women who will produce healthy and strong babies with the best chance  of surviving in the world.

Women have this same drive, yet it’s expressed completely differently. Women evolved to look at, not the outer physical traits in a man such as being handsome and having a nice ass, but the inner traits such as confidence, drive, and leadership. These are the qualities that will ensure her future babies will grow up to be healthy adults. There are many factors to attracting women, yet the most potent of all is confidence and this is good because it’s the one completely within your control.

Written by Ryan Randolph

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