How to Supercharge Your Manliness

Supercharge Manliness and Optimize Hormones

(And Avoid the Widespread Feminization of Men)


What would you to do if I were to tell you that testosterone levels are dropping and estrogen levels are rising in men all around the world?

As a reader of Built For The Bedroom, I trust you’re familiar with testosterone.

Just to recap, testosterone is the dominant male hormone responsible for the growth of male reproductive organs during puberty, and the growth of pubic hair, facial hair, muscles, bones and a deep voice. It’s also responsible for sex drive, muscle growth, and overall energy level.

How does testosterone affect our ability to meet and attract women?

A study by “Win the Girl” Researchers from Wayne State University compared two groups of men competing to win the attention of an attractive woman.  Men with the highest T-levels were more assertive, controlled the conversation, and clicked better with women compared to the men with lower T-levels.  

This means testosterone is crucial, not only to our health but also to our social interactions – especially when it comes to attracting beautiful women.

Estrogen, on the other hand, is the dominant female hormone, which controls female sexual development, promotes the growth of female secondary sexual characteristics at puberty (breasts) and stimulates egg production.  It also promotes fat storage.

While both men and women need some degree of estrogen, if there’s an excess of estrogen in a man, he’s at risk for the development of breasts, increased abdominal weight, feeling tired, losing muscle mass, and having emotional disturbances.

Think this will negatively affect your ability to meet and attract women?


Supercharge your manliness Built For The Bedroom

A rather scary phenomenon is happening in the modern environment and the clues are actually coming from studies in lakes and rivers in the UK and the US on fish, alligators and otters; Scientists have discovered male fish that are producing eggs – which shouldn’t be happening!

They have also found that alligators’ and otters’ penises are shrinking. This is all down to high levels of estrogen or estrogen-mimicking compounds found in the water.

Meanwhile, sperm counts in men are dropping fast – some reports have shown that sperm counts have as much as halved over the last half-century and operations to correct man boobs (gynecomastia) are on the rise at a remarkable rate.
So what on earth is going on in the environment? Where is all this estrogen coming from you may be wondering? And how can you avoid it?

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Written by Neil Anthony