Say Goodbye to Awkward Silence

Say Goodbye to Awkward Silence- Built For The Bedroom

One of the most uncomfortable things you can experience during a date or when talking to someone of interest is an awkward pause or awkward silence. You desperately want to say something and the longer the silence takes the more awkward it gets.

Sometimes you might grasp for anything to say, anything to stop the awkwardness, so you say something that is infinitely more awkward than the earlier silence and you just wish you could disappear. Unfortunately, you can’t disappear.

I had a client who came to me with trouble holding conversations with women. He told me he was once on a date experiencing a silence so awkward and he felt so uncomfortable that he started talking about the water he was drinking. That’s right — water. He was so desperate for conversation the first thing that popped into his mind was to talk about how tasty the water was. Not the food. The water. As soon as he said it, he knew it was a mistake, but it was too late and it comes as no surprise that there was no second date.

He needed to build his communication confidence. Communication confidence is necessary for successful dating. So I taught him my method for communication confidence. And because I hate to see men suffering from painfully awkward silences, I’m going to teach you all the basics of this method.

My technique is designed to teach you to stop the awkward silences, as well as, increase your communication confidence.

Have your ever noticed how extroverted people seem to always have something to talk about, even when it seems like there’s nothing to talk about?

It’s because within an extroverted person’s desire to be social, he or she can talk about anything. My method for communication confidence is built on that principle. From now on, everywhere you go — be observant. Notice things and in your head make comments about those things. As you do this more and more, make interesting observations, something that you would like to talk about with someone else.

These are not things to remember for later. No — this is practice, so when you’re ready to talk to someone you will easily be able to observe the situation around you, then quickly and confidently talk about something interesting.

Written by Jason Nik