How to Become a Badass Lover

How to Become a Badass Lover

How to becoHow to Become a Badass Loverme that Sexually Attractive, Badass Lover that Women Want to Throw on the Bed and…

Sounds like a reasonable goal, doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t every man deserve to have a wild, fun, and thriving sex life? Don’t YOU deserve to have beautiful women throwing themselves on you?

In my crazy-ass model of the world, I believe this is how it should be. Why do I think this? Because it’s starting to happen to me – women flirting with me, asking if they can buy me drinks, inviting me out on dates, and getting sexual extremely fast.

Of course, I don’t have it all figured out, that’s why I bring in experts for every issue, all with one goal – to make you a sexy mo fo in the bedroom…the kind of guy women go crazy for.

How does it start? I’ve found there are 4 key components of becoming sexually attractive, and if you are missing any one of these, it could sabotage everything with women.


This is the most obvious place to start. Sex is a physical act where a man puts his goods in a woman and makes a genetic “deposit”, resulting in a possible offspring. This is how every sexual species procreates. Naturally there are physical elements for becoming sexually fit such as nutrition, workouts, supplements, sleep patterns, and more. Not to mention all the techniques and exercises around sexual performance and intimacy. We’ll be covering all the latest theories, research, and new science that will help you master the physical aspects of sex.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to be “open” and “share your feelings” or “express vulnerability” because, frankly, much of the advice for men in this area is misguided or too airy-fiery. In my experience, most women do not understand a man’s emotions and usually hurt him because of it – which messes up sex for both of them. Instead, I’m going to show you how your emotional system works so you can educate your girl to treat you like the fucking MAN rather than nagging & complaining. Plus, if you’re single I’m going to show you how to attract higher quality women that are emotionally stable…so you can have more sex with less drama. When you master emotions, you’ll be able to initiate sex with confidence and charisma, and be able to create attraction with a woman that gives you options – Do you want a relationship? Do you want to keep things casual? You make the call.


Time and time again we hear women say “ Confidence is sexy” and we all know confident guys get the girls…yet what exactly IS confidence? Better yet, how do we systematically build it? Basically it all comes down to mindset – Are we running our mind or is it running us? Most guys run completely on auto-pilot when it comes to sex and women. God forbid a girl “reject” us or we don’t perform well in the bedroom – our mind immediately identifies with the experience and says “I’m a failure, no woman will ever like me.”
There are practical methods we can use to take this mechanism of the mind to convince ourselves we ARE good with women while at the same time actually make it happen. The good news is that it’s easy and works very fast.
(Note: This is NOT fake it till you make it…it’s much more scientific)
When you get the mindset down, women seem to be magnetically drawn to you and their sexual appetite awakens. Be warned! A women who is sexually turned on can be quite a force to reckoned with so if you continue reading, do you at your own risk…you may end up as her sex slave 😉


Let’s face it, Religion and Spirituality have very strong opinions about sex. Considering that most of us were raised in a religion or in part of a culture where religion is a powerful influence, we must examine our spiritual beliefs about sex. There’s a part of our psyche that is deeply affected by religion – even if we don’t agree with it or acknowledge it. In my journey, I’ve discovered how deeply flawed many religions are in their attitudes toward sex.
I’ve realized that the force we call “God” or “Source Energy” can be accessed through sex…Perhaps that’s why it’s been so demonized and controlled throughout history.
If you can access God yourself, why would you need religion? (There are other areas where Religion shines…just usually not this area). We’ll be examining new spiritual attitudes toward sex that will enliven your sex life, clear inhibitions, and make sex an act that awakens your creative powers – so you are inspired to excel in your area of expertise, be it art, music, science, sports – whatever. When you harness sexual energy to connect to “Source” – you become the creator, and life becomes one incredible experience after another…plus when you’re around women, you will sub- consciously give them permission to be sexual beings,
free of judgment; something they crave deeply….Trust me, this is good for your sex life.

Written by Ryan Randolph

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